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Layton Perrin, CEO

Mr. Layton Perrin, CEO of Sequor Systems, is an IT professional with over 30 years of professional information technology industry experience, being both an experienced entrepreneur and an expert in a number of IT disciplines including Service Level Management, Business Analysis, and Enterprise Systems Architecture.

Mr.  Perrin has developed sophisticated end-to-end software solutions for many large Enterprises such as Health, Financial, Hospitality, Retail and Legal Sectors. He has served as Senior Architect and Software Development Lead for the development and deployment of numerous Enterprise Software Product Solutions. His industry-leading software solutions provided competitive advantages and increased sales. 

Mr. Perrin's accomplishments include: Selling a million+ units of custom software by age 18; MIS Manager of the World's Fifth Largest PC Manufacturer at age 19; Winner of the prestigious IT Florida Award in 2009 with Wave Software for Excellence in IT Leadership; and Winner of The InnovaCorp Smart Energy Challenge in 2015.

Dr. Bao Lerner, President

Dr. Bao Lerner, President of Sequor Systems,  

is CEO of KT-Tech Inc., an  R&D company she founded in 1991.  Dr. Lerner spearheaded KT-Tech's patented technology that led to the development of the innovative Virtual Bandwidth Software component of the Sequor Systems Cloud Accelerator™.

Dr. Lerner is the prime architect of KT-Tech's advanced image, video and audio technologies, patents, and software. From 1991 to the present, her company has provided innovative solutions to engineering and research problems in intelligent data management, image processing/pattern recognition, data compression, computer visualization, artificial intelligence, remotely sensed image analysis, imaging/document processing, and intelligent control/robotic systems analysis. 

Dr. Lerner has received numerous grants and commendations from NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, the National Science Foundation, and the Naval Academy Research Council. In addition, Dr. Lerner has authored numerous publications on data compression, information and data fusion, data representation and analysis, and has presented her research at various conferences and symposia worldwide. 

Prior to founding KT-Tech, Dr. Lerner was a Professor of Mathematics at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, where she achieved the distinction of becoming the first female science faculty member to be awarded tenure in the Mathematics Department. Dr. Lerner gained the rank of Full Professor, the first female science faculty member at the Naval Academy to achieve that position.                         

Dr. Lerner held the position of Senior Staff Mathematician at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory before beginning her academic career at the Naval Academy.


Laurie Perrin, Vice President

Mr. Laurie Perrin, Vice President of Sequor Systems, is an advocate and practitioner of object-oriented programming principles with over 30 years of software development experience. 

Mr. Perrin is an advanced expert in software development specializing in high performance systems, holding two patents in high performance concurrent data structures in shared-memory architectures.

Mr. Layton Perrin and Mr. Laurie Perrin bring their considerable expertise and innovative software product solutions to Sequor Systems, and to the  Cloud Accelerator™ Software Product’s Network Acceleration component with their patented technology in the field of high performance and high efficiency computing.

The Cloud Accelerator™ Software Product’s Network Acceleration is provided by Sequor Systems Speed Servers - the fastest, fully compliant, web and pki servers in the world with Patented lockless programming that optimizes and simplifies multi-threading for dramatic speed increases; Provide performance improvements of up to 700% by processing 7.6 times more requests per second; Multi-core efficiency reduces energy consumption by 648% compared to market leading Apache and NGINX servers; and Boost of up to 600% for web server infrastructure and reduce number of servers needed.

Robert Lerner, COO

Mr. Robert Lerner, COO of Sequor Systems,  is the COO of KT-Tech, Inc. founded by Dr. Bao Lerner, President.

Mr. Lerner is responsible for planning and directing all aspects of the company's operational policies, objectives, and initiatives. 

Prior to KT-Tech, Mr. Lerner held positions in the U.S. Departments of Defense and Commerce, most recently as the Senior Technology Policy Analyst in the Office of Space Commercialization. In this role Mr. Lerner served as the Department of Commerce's White House liaison for space related issues and was the Department of Commerce's chief technology policy analyst for commercial imaging satellites. 

Mr. Lerner began his career as a Research Physicist and Electronic Engineer at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, where he developed theoretical models and conducted experiments in the areas of electromagnetic propagation, remote sensing and radar systems. He has also designed and conducted microwave remote sensing experiments from aircraft and satellites. Two of these experiments were flown as part of the Earth Resources Experimental Package (EREP) on NASA's SKYLAB satellite.

Joe Buffa, CFO (Interim)

Mr. Joe Buffa, CFO (Interim) of Sequor Systems, possesses more than 35 years of experience with technology start-ups, and is a founder and C-level executive of several technology start-ups. 

Mr. Buffa is recognized primarily for his ability to work within small organizations to bring necessary focus on product development and acceleration of market deployment opportunities, revenues and profits in challenging, complex business environments.