Industry leading multimedia compression and unbreakable data encryption combine with blazing web and application server performance to provide superior bandwidth, storage efficiency, and security.

- Reliable delivery of time-critical multimedia content over Any Available Communication Network including Low/Narrowband, Congested, or Noisy, thus ensuring Multimedia content delivery globally regardless of available bandwidth

- Real-Time, Low Latency, High Quality Multimedia Content Delivery and Cloud Access over Low/Narrowband multimedia communication networks 

- Dynamically Scalable from Ultra- Narrowband up through Broadband – including our breakthrough Ultra-Narrowband Video at an unprecedented 1 kilobit per second (1 kbps)

- Economic Game-Changer, enabling Multimedia Enterprises to increase market share and profitability by delivering high quality multimedia content at lower cost globally over narrowband communication channels with at least a 90% Savings in both multimedia content Bandwidth Transmission,  and Storage Costs


- Patented Network Acceleration Software optimizes multi-threading for dramatic performance improvements up to 700% compared to market leading Apache/NGINX servers

- Opens up vast new profitable markets globally,  especially in degraded communications environments such as congested urban, rural, remote, third world, and satellite-accessible-only communication environments