About Sequor Systems

Powerful Software Solutions built from Industry Leading Synergistic Technologies

Sequor Systems, a Florida company, combines Industry leading multimedia smart compression and unbreakable encryption with blazing web and application server performance to provide superior bandwidth, storage efficiency and security 

 – in Software.

Our flagship product is the Cloud Accelerator™ software that provides intelligent bulk data transmission with extremely high compression ratios and guaranteed data privacy supporting Tera-byte scale data transmission within the smallest possible time scale.

Sequor Systems’ patented technologies and derived Software deliver innovative advances in multi-core processing, data processing, data compression, multimedia compression, network transmission, and cyber-security including:

  • Software Transactional Memory algorithms for acceleration of data processing and databases 
  • Network Transmission Protocol Acceleration for network file systems and applications 
  • Industry Leading Multimedia Compression for optimization of storage and transmission 
  • Smart Compression technologies for networked file systems, Storage Area Networks (SANs) and Virtual Storage Area Networks (VSANs) 
  • Quantum Computing Resilient encryption and authentication
  • Lock-Free algorithms for hypervisors, containers, applications, and embedded devices 

Sequor Systems provides powerful 

Software Solutions for high growth industries facing demanding challenges in the fields of bulk data transfer, data processing and compression, multimedia compression for optimized transmission and storage, multicore and parallel processing, network transmission, artificial intelligence and cyber security.