Fast, Affordable Bulk Data Transfer and Storage is an overwhelming challenge for the majority of high growth market segments such as:

  • Cloud-Computing - data privacy and compression (both storage and transmission)
  • Parallel Computing - multi-threaded software and multi-core processing
  • Cyber Security (authentication, federation, data in-transit, data at-rest)
  • Internet-of-Things (IOT) - high efficiency computing, battery life, security, bandwidth
  • Robotics – high performance and efficient edge detection, object extraction
  • Artificial Intelligence – acceleration of image model training and inference

In the majority of high growth market segment environments, the overwhelming challenge is to transmit, in real-time, Big Multimedia Data (Video/Imagery/Audio) among numerous sensor devices within the environment over inherently low/narrowband communication networks and processing constraints.

This is because Broadband communication channels are congested with data-intensive applications (such as Video), so that in reality, a Congested Broadband Communication Channel becomes a Low/ Narrowband Communication Channel 



Industry leading multimedia compression and unbreakable data encryption combine with blazing web and application server performance to provide superior bandwidth, storage efficiency, and security.

The Cloud Accelerator™, our Flagship Software Product, provides solutions to these challenges with its:

  • Virtual Bandwidth component, and
  • Network Accelerator component

The Cloud Accelerator™ Virtual Bandwidth Component is comprised of our Patented Virtual Bandwidth Software Suite consisting of our Innovative Super-Lightweight / Super-Fast Multimedia (Video/Imagery/Audio) Symmetric Compression Engines which:

  • are built for mobility at the Network Edge
  • offer Real-Time, Low Latency, High Quality Multimedia Content Delivery and Cloud Access over Narrowband multimedia communication networks
  • are Dynamically Scalable from Ultra- Narrowband up through Broadband – including our breakthrough Ultra-Narrowband Video at an unprecedented
  • 1 kbps (kilobit per second)

The Cloud Accelerator™ Virtual Bandwidth Component Solution:

  • allows any communication channel to act as if it is much broader and faster than its actual available bandwidth capacity - Creating Virtual Bandwidth

  • provides the breakthrough ability to deliver Big Multimedia Data, especially actionable quality video, in real-time, using minimal processing power, even over the lowest narrowbandwidth of only 1 kilobit per second (1 kbps) - Dynamically Scalable up through Broadband

  • enables reliable delivery of time-critical multimedia content over Any Available Communication Network including Narrowband, Congested, or Noisy, thus ensuring Multimedia content delivery globally regardless of available bandwidth. 

The Cloud Accelerator™ Network Accelerator Component Solution:

  • augments the Virtual Bandwidth component 
  • optimizes multi-threading for dramatic performance improvements up to 700% compared to market leading Apache/NGINX servers, thus delivering time-critical Big Multimedia Data in real-time.
  • provides the Speed ™ Network Protocol (Secure Protocol over Datagrams) for network acceleration
  • offers Transactional memory algorithms  for Dramatic improvements in data processing performance, scalability, and efficiency
  • provides Quantum-computing resilient authentication and encryption to and from the Cloud